Moving to a New Home with Pets

Moving to a New Home with Pets

Nov 11, 2015

Moving to a new home can affect both you and your pets. When moving with a cat or dog it is important that you do so with care. The following tips will help you transport your animals safely to your new home.

  • Have your vet insert a microchip to ensure you can find your pet should let get out at any point during the move.
  • Keep your pets in a room with their food, water and bed that has already been packed up and emptied while the movers are loading and unloading your items.
  • Use crates, kennels or pet-approved seat belts when traveling with pets.
  • Introduce your pets to one room at a time to help them acclimate to their new home.

If you follow these tips your pets will be safer and more relaxed during the moving process. In turn, this can help alleviate quite a bit of stress for you as well. For more help with your move contact us for quality moving services.

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