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Our team stands proud knowing that we consistently provide an exceptional moving experience to our customers . We are happy to share e-mails and letters from customers that we have received over the years. We also welcome you to read our many 5-star Yelp and Google reviews.


March 2020


Thank you.

You all did a great job!


Stephanie R.

Stephanie R. - Atlas Transfer & Storage Customer
Local move in San Diego, CA


January 2020

Hi Traci,

Everything went so smoothly today and the whole crew was awesome! Moving overall is such a stressful process, please tell them thank you so much for making it that much easier.


Bette Jo H.

Bette Jo H. - Atlas Transfer & Storage Customer
Fallbrook, CA to North Carolina, CA


December 2019


We appreciate your kind words. Over my 45 years in this business there have been companies that were very hard to work for. I feel we work with you which makes a tremendous difference. It seems everyone at your company is professional and kind. I am sure it starts from the top down as Linda & Tom make it feel like family.  

Happy Holidays to you and your family and a healthy and prosperous New Year.  


Bob - Etransport Solutions (Preferred Vendor) to Atlas Transfer


December 2019


I spoke with Kathy many times today and each time the crew keeps getting better and better. She couldn’t be any happier with them and they are a perfect mixture of professional and passionate about their services today. Thank you so much for making this EE very happy.

N/A - Atlas Transfer & Storage Customer
Packing Services for Corporate Account Move, CA


December 2019

Hi Traci,

The delivery went well yesterday. 

Thank you so much for coordinating everything.



Swetha - Atlas Transfer & Storage Customer
Corporate Account Move, CA


December 2019

Dear Friends,

Our move is complete and we are fully installed in our apartment in Puerto Vallarta.

Our household goods arrived on the 14th of November complete and in perfect condition. We are down to opening the last few of around 40 boxes shipped and we have not had a single exception.

From beginning to end, the movement of our household goods has been the smoothest and least stressful part of our entire move to Mexico, particularly when we were informed that no Consularized Inventory was required.

Alex, thank you for coming to meet us and explaining the process, working up an estimate and answering so many of our questions – allaying our concerns.

Janet, thanks for your input – it was relief that our single little move was more than a blip on the big screen.

Jerilyn, thank you for smoothing the path of actual logistics and coordinating the timeline, and following our progress and ensuring all the ‘i’s’ were dotted and the ‘t’s’ were crossed.

Elizabeth, thanks to you for keeping us up to date on the latest laws and regulations here in Mexico, and for coordinating the logistics here in Puerto Vallarta. 

And lastly, but certainly not least, thanks to the folks who actually carried out the physical move at both ends and in transit:

Jason and Dave who so carefully inventoried, wrapped, packaged and packed our seemingly endless list of personal property – treating every piece as if it were their own family heirloom.

The cross-country drivers and warehousemen on both side of the border we’ll never know who transported our belongings safely 2500 miles from San Diego to Texas, to Mexico and down to Puerto Vallarta.

And finally, to the 4 men who had to break down our pods, transfer the entire shipment to a tall narrow truck, shuttle it all up the narrow road to our new home, offload the shipment into the entryway off the street, re-park the truck, and then hand-carry every box up 3 long flights of stairs to our new apartment.

You all have our thanks and our gratitude for your hard work, professionalism, patience, kindness, and in some cases, for your back-breaking labor.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Don and Karen A.

Don and Karen A. - Atlas Transfer & Storage Customer
International Move – San Diego, CA to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, CA


December 2019

The EE noted that everything seemed to go flawlessly, no complaints, and NO claims to be filed. Can you thank your team for us!!?!

N/A - Atlas Transfer Corporate Account Move
Bay Area to Colorado, CA


November 2019

The move went great, your crew was amazing. Thank you so much and please tell your guys that we appreciate all they did. That is good news about the weight. Looking forward to working with you in the future should the need arise. Have a great day and Thank you again.

Hans C. - Atlas Transfer & Storage Customer
Cathedral City, CA to Storage, CA


November 2019

Hi Karen,

Just getting back online and such from the move. I can’t say enough great things about Eddie and his crew! Simply amazing! They were super helpful with the fridge and it’s now in storage, awaiting its fate. We even got a contact name for the local guys to help us if we decide to buy/rent a house next year as a more permanent place.

I can’t thank you (and Angela) enough for your help with our move. All the major stuff is unpacked/set up and we are working through the stuff we are wondering why we still have. 

Lana - Atlas Transfer & Storage Customer
Corporate Account Move from Lakewood, CA to Marana, AZ


October 2019

RT and the Allied movers did a great job during packing, loading, and unloading. They were polite, timely and responsive throughout the experience.

N/A - Atlas Transfer & Storage Customer
Corporate Account Move, CA

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