Moving From San Diego to Phoenix: A Comprehensive Guide

Moving From San Diego to Phoenix: A Comprehensive Guide

Feb 22, 2024

Leaving the coastal paradise of San Diego for the desert oasis of Phoenix is a big step, especially when it comes to adapting to the new climate. While the move might be a dream come true for mountain lovers, there are many other aspects to consider.

This comprehensive guide from our expert residential movers will prepare you for the contrasts and embrace your new life in Phoenix with ease.

Things To Know About Phoenix, Arizona

1.    Phoenix is less expensive in terms of the cost of living

Compared to San Diego, the cost of living in Phoenix is 39.7% cheaper. However, it is still 4% higher than the national average. If you are collecting the same salary in Phoenix as in San Diego, you will have a lot of savings in hand. 

This is not only because of the lower cost of living but also because of the lower income tax rates in Phoenix. The state income tax ranges from 2.59% to 4.50%, whereas in San Diego, the income tax rate ranges from 1% to 12.3%. 

2.    Phoenix offers affordable housing options

With housing rates in Phoenix averaging 64 to 70% lower than in San Diego, owning property becomes more accessible. Additionally, monthly rent in Phoenix is substantially cheaper, with savings ranging from 42 to 49% compared to San Diego, depending on whether you choose to live in the city center or on the outskirts.

3.    Phoenix enjoys lower unemployment rate

Phoenix is developing at a faster rate, with a strong hold on economic growth. This is the reason the unemployment rate in Phoenix is now lower than its long-term average. Currently, the unemployment rate in Phoenix is only 3.40%, which is lower than the national average. 

The most demanding industries in Phoenix include healthcare, technology, hospitality, and tourism. However, you can get good opportunities in the fields of finance, manufacturing, and education as well. 

4.    Phoenix receives 300 days of sunshine

Get ready to soak up the vitamin D in Phoenix! As a desert city, Phoenix basks in an average of 300 sunny days a year, with summer temperatures often hitting 100 degrees. Winters are mild by comparison, making the transition from San Diego to Phoenix a seamless one when it comes to sunny days.

Tips For A Smooth Transition From San Diego To Phoenix

Preparing and packing for the move is essential to ensuring your belongings are all safe when they hit the road. Here are some tips to focus on:

1.    Hire a good moving company

Trusting moving companies with your life’s worth of belongings is a huge gamble. Moreover, with moving scams on the rise, the task of finding a good and reliable moving company becomes more difficult. 

To hire a reliable moving company:

  • Make sure to do thorough research on local and international movers.
  • Look out for original reviews of the company and BBB ratings.
  • Stay away from moving brokers and moving agents, and talk directly to the moving company.
  • Ask your family and friends for suggestions on interstate movers they trust.

2.    Declutter before packing

We cannot stress enough the benefits of decluttering on your moving costs. Moreover, the hassle of packing and unpacking unwanted belongings is also eliminated when downsizing your items. Some tips to consider when decluttering include:

  • Start decluttering at least two months before the final move. 
  • Declutter, depending on the area you have in your new home.
  • Donate, sell, or throw away items by following the golden rules of decluttering.
  • Stop buying new things before the move.  

3.    Prepare as per the weather you are moving in

Don’t forget to pack and prepare for the move depending on the weather you are moving into. Though Phoenix is mostly sunny, you should still check for the latest weather updates to avoid any last-minute surprises. 

Poor weather conditions can make your move stressful. You should have a spare set of clothes in a separate essentials box to prepare yourself for warmer days, rain, or harsh winters. 

4.    Settle all past dues

Last but not least, do not forget to settle all your dues before leaving San Diego. Pay all your utility bills, ranging from water bills, internet bills, electricity bills, and newspaper bills, to stop them from accumulating. 

Furthermore, do the same at the new place you are settling in. Make sure all utilities, including laundry, HVAC, drainage, etc., are in good working condition before moving in. 

Safe Neighborhoods in Phoenix

While it’s not the cheeriest news, it’s worth noting that Phoenix has one of the highest violent crime rates in America. It’s essential to research the safest neighborhoods in Phoenix before moving to ensure your peace of mind. Some of the safest places to live in Phoenix are:

1.    Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley isn’t just known for being one of the safest neighborhoods in Phoenix; it’s also considered the most desirable. With its reputation as one of the wealthiest areas, Paradise Valley boasts a variety of entertainment options and hiking trails, making it a prime location for those looking to settle in Phoenix.

2.    Ahwatukee Foothills

Ahwatukee Foothills is an urban village in the southernmost part of Phoenix. With a gorgeous view of the mountains and a population of around 79,319, it’s rated one of the safest neighborhoods in Phoenix by Niche. 

3.    Deer Valley

Deer Valley is another evolving urban residential village in Phoenix and one of the safest to live in. It’s well developed, with a good-sized population. You can find everything around Deer Valley – employment centers, clothing shops, malls, hangout places, and much more. 

4.    North Phoenix

North Phoenix is less rushed, with plenty of space. No doubt, it’s the safest not only in Phoenix but in Arizona as well. 

5.    Desert View

Desert View is also a good option for living in Phoenix, which has non-existent violent crime rates. You can enjoy the desert views as well as live in the vicinity of green parks. Moreover, it isn’t too crowded, with a population of around 65,853

Things To Do in Phoenix

Phoenix’s diverse topography offers a wealth of exploration opportunities. Missing out on the best places to visit in Phoenix would be a shame! If you’re tired of San Diego’s beaches, Phoenix offers mountains, desert vistas, hiking trails, and museums waiting to be discovered. It’s all you need to reignite the traveler within you!

1.    Phoenix Zoo

Start your weekend with the Phoenix Zoo, which is free to visit. You can enjoy zoo lights and spot even endangered species here. There are ongoing zoo events and tours you can be a part of. 

2.    Papago Park

Papago Park can be your next place to visit. It’s an exemplary place for hiking and is home to some spectacular trails like the Hole in the Rock Trail, the West Side Trails, and the East Side Trails. 

3.    Camelback Mountains

Shaped like a camel’s back, Camelback Mountains are popular amongst hiking enthusiasts. The mountains provide a good 360-degree view of downtown Phoenix. 

4.    Heard Museum

Heard Museum is for people who would like to explore American Indian art. It holds stories of American Indians, showcases the cultures of different tribes, and more. 

Ready to Move?

Consider this basic information your stepping stone from San Diego to Phoenix. As one of the leading San Diego, Inland Empire, and Orange County movers, Atlas Allied offers personalized, hands-on support throughout your move. Sit back and relax as we treat your belongings as our own. Contact us today to get a free moving quote.

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