International Movers


Planning and organizing an international move is a daunting and overwhelming process. As a part of Allied International Moving Services' worldwide network, Atlas Transfer & Storage has the resources to make your relocation abroad an enjoyable experience. Our team of international movers has the knowledge and experience to provide personalized services,  guidance and oversight, regardless of the destination country.

Mapping Out Your Relocation

With single source responsibility, our team of professionals can help you every step of the way. We start by assessing your needs and creating a customized budget-friendly and secure plan. While establishing your moving plan we will consider all international moving requirements to ensure that your items pass through customs and reach your destination, minimizing risk and delays. You will also have to obtain a personal EIN to ship household goods and personal items overseas. Then, of course, the items must be packed and securely loaded into an overseas container so they will not be damaged during the trip.


Executing Your Customized Moving Plan

Our international movers provide services that include all aspects involved in relocation under one roof. We will coordinate with our network of movers in your new location to unpack your items and assemble household belongings for you, making your relocation even easier.

Relocating overseas can be an exciting and overwhelming experience, especially when considering the logistics of the move. Let the team of international movers at Atlas Transfer & Storage Co. do the heavy lifting and transporting, so you can spend your time taking care of more personal details. We will do whatever we can to make your moving experience a positive one.

Customer Feedback from an International Move

Last year Alex Hunter and her extremely capable team packed us up and moved us from San Diego, CA to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Everything came through without a scratch. This year we are returning home under the most difficult circumstances imaginable, and Alex and the Atlas/Allied Team have done it again. On short notice, Alex coordinated with Moreno International, their partner in Mexico, and had our belongings packed quickly, carefully and professionally in record time. We did not expect to be returning to the States, and so we were completely settled in with all of our belongings, and the return to San Diego is completely unexpected. I was never so happy to have retained a phone number, as when Alex answered. We explained the situation and within a few short weeks our household goods are packed and on their way.

For a seamless international move, we welcome you to contact our office today at 858-513-3800.



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