10 Things To Know Before Moving To Shasta Lake, CA

10 Things To Know Before Moving To Shasta Lake, CA

Dec 07, 2023

Aerial shot of Lake Shasta in Northern CA.

Shasta Lake is a popular holiday destination for its abundant natural trails, greenery, and outdoor fun. Moving to such a place is itself a blessing.

1.    Shasta Lake has a low population density

But settling and living here is definitely different than visiting Shasta Lake, CA, for a day trip. If you want to be uber-prepared for moving to Shasta Lake, here are some things you should know about the place. Let’s delve deeper.

Are you looking for a quiet and sparsely populated city to live in? Shasta Lake ticks all the boxes as it has a population of only around 10,000 per the last census in 2021.

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Living near the most beautiful and largest manmade lake and reservoir has perks. In 2022, Shasta Lake was filled up to 30% capacity, but the latest images show it’s 98% full, which makes it even more stunning. Plus, you can also explore a range of watersport activities here.

2.    Shasta Lake is an affordable place to live

If you have always dreamed of owning your home and spending a peaceful life by the lakeside, Shasta Lake is the perfect place to move to. The cost of living in Shasta Lake has increased by 2.5% in the last year, making it more affordable than other California cities.

The median property value in Shasta Lake stands at just $220,800, which is way below the national and state averages. This is why about 2/3rd of the population living in Shasta Lake owns a house.

The geography of Shasta Lake is charismatic and worth knowing about. Three rivers are flowing into the lake, which are termed its arms. These three arms are named McCloud Arm, Sacramento Arm, and Pit Arm.

3.    Shasta’s Lake weather is suitable for all

Are you someone who detests harsh winters? Shasta Lake is a perfect place for you. Its climate is influenced by the lake, and experiences hot summers and mild temperatures the rest of the year.

The hottest month is July, with maximum temperatures reaching 97 degrees. January sees the lowest temperatures of 38 degrees, making Shasta Lake weather conformable and very liveable. However, you may miss out on snow.

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4.    Shasta Lake is fairly developed

Though it’s not as populated, Shasta Lake is still fairly developed, and you can enjoy the hustle and bustle in the main city. Shasta Lake has a decent number of shopping complexes, food outlets like McDonald’s, seafood eateries, highways, schools, and colleges.

Shasta Dam Blvd houses some of the best food eateries in Shasta Lake, like:

  • Taco Shop
  • Pizza Factory
  • Old Mill Eatery and Smokehouse
  • Oriental Express
  • Latinos
  • Heritage Coffeehouse

Shasta Lake even has a dive-in market and other malls like:

  • Mt. Shasta Mall
  • Town and Country Shopping Centre
  • Sunshine Food Market
  • Shasta Lanes Bowling Alley
  • Hilltop Centre

5.    Shasta Lake has average job opportunities

As per the last census, employment levels show a decline of 2.9% in 2022. The major job opportunities are offered in the following industries: healthcare, construction, retail trade, agriculture, fishing, and forestry.

In Shasta Lake, you can find occupations in management, education, financial operations, health technologies, food preparation, office and administrative support, and sales-related industries. Since Shasta Lake is a popular tourist destination, you can particularly find employment opportunities in the tourism sector.

Regarding healthcare, the patient-to-clinic ratio is 1364:1, meaning each clinic sees an average of 1364 patients annually.

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6.    Shasta Lake has a considerably lower commute time

Fed up with the traffic and commute times of San Francisco or other cities in California? In Shasta Lake, you can cut your commute times by half and even drive to work by your conveyance. The average commute time in Shasta Lake is just 20 minutes, and the residents own two cars on average.

Other popular means of commutation in Shasta Lake include bicycles, driving alone, motorcycles, carpooling, taxis, and public transport.

7.    Shasta Lake has great views with acceptable air quality

Shasta Lake is known for its stunning lake views throughout. Shasta Lake is the main tourist destination here, offering a range of activities to explore. From staying in a Lakeview houseboat to skiing, fishing, kayaking, camping, RVing, and enjoying other watersports, Shasta Lake is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Shasta Lake is a valley surrounded by rivers, mountains, peaks, and nature. This allows residents to not only explore the lake but the land as well. You can try various adventure activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, and several other parks.

Lake Shasta Caverns (limestone caves) are also a popular tourist attraction.

8.    Shasta Lake has good schools and colleges

Shasta Lake has four types of schools – K-8 schools, K-8 schools of the arts, K-5 schools, and high schools. Some good schools in Shasta Lake include:

  • Shasta Lake School
  • Grand Oaks Elementary School
  • Mountain Lakes High School
  • Central Valley High School

Shasta Lake is ranked 2384 in California Elementary Schools. The schools have a student-to-teacher ratio of just 20:1, which allows teachers to provide one-on-one attention to students.

Shasta School may not be home to any popular colleges. Still, it is home to colleges that impart quality education courses like:

  • Shasta College
  • Shasta College Health Sciences
  • Simpson University

Shasta College is, in fact, the largest community college in the world and one of the leading higher education colleges in California.

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9.    Shasta Lake and natural disasters

Shasta Lake has a moderate risk of being affected by natural disasters like wildfires, floods, and earthquakes over the next 30 years. Hurricanes and heavy rains are also a close possibility. Around 657 out of 3,718 homes in Shasta Lake are at moderate risk of being flooded. It is comparatively less prone to other disasters.

Furthermore, community members take appropriate measures to address the flooding issues in Shasta Lake by building flood-proof communities. Living in Shasta Lake is, therefore, not as unsafe. You can easily find properties in areas that are less susceptible to flooding.

10. Shasta Lake is a magnet for families

Shasta Lake is known for being a close-knit community that maintains peace and harmony. It offers a community atmosphere and provides opportunities to connect with new friends at local events.

Living in Shasta Lake with a family is feasible as it offers a peaceful environment. Shockingly, according to the most current data, the crime rate in Shasta Lake is 72% higher than the national average, of which around 90% are property crimes, and the rest cover violent crimes.

However, it is still safer than 11% of the cities in the United States. Like every other city, Shasta Lake has safer neighborhoods like Pine Grove, the city Centre, and Shasta Lake North. Stick to well-crowded areas to live a safer life.

Plan Your Move Now!

Living in Shasta Lake is a whole new experience in itself. From fewer people per square area and fewer commute times to being surrounded by nature all around, Shasta Lake will offer a smooth transition overall.

If you are moving to Shasta Lake, you need a California interstate mover like Allied Atlas that can handle the entire moving process. Get your free moving quote today.

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