International Moving Checklist: Step-by-Step

Your Step-by-Step International Moving Checklist

Planning an international relocation from the San Diego area? You are in for an exciting adventure – As long as you plan ahead. We know that the logistics can feel overwhelming, so we have put together this checklist to guide you through each step.

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Why do I need a checklist?

Moving internationally is often a complex process. From obtaining a visa to navigating customs, each step often comes with many tasks to complete. A checklist helps you to stay on track and not forget any important steps. From gathering essential documents to the final checks before departure, a checklist keeps you organized.

Pre-Move Checklist

Before you even start packing, there are crucial tasks to tackle in the pre-move phase. Start these early to avoid delays and stress at the end of your move:  

  • Research your new location
  • Secure a job
  • Save 6 months’ of finances
  • Create a moving budget
  • Create a budget for your new country
  • Secure housing
  • Arrange transportation in your new country
  • Hire a reliable mover
  • Gather essential documents
  • Leave copies of essential documents with a trusted person
  • Apply for your visa
  • Arrange moving day transportation for yourself, family, and pets
  • Sort through your belongings. 
  • Sell or donate unwanted items
  • Remove any items not allowed through customs
  • Secure packing materials 
  • Pack your items (Or have your mover complete this step for you)
  • Notify anyone who needs to know of your move
  • Transfer utilities
  • Change your address 
  • Open a new bank account
  • Arrange cell service
  • Obtain necessary vaccines
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Moving Week Checklist

With the moving week underway, you will engage in a flurry of activities. Use this checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything important:

  • Confirm your travel arrangements
  • Confirm your moving schedule
  • Pack all last-minute items
  • Clean your home
  • Say goodbye to friends and family
  • Exchange some money into your new currency
  • Refill necessary prescriptions
  • Purchase items you cannot get in your new country
  • Obtain a multi-purpose adapter for your electronics
  • Inform your credit card companies and/or banks of your move
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Move Day Checklist

The big day has arrived, and this checklist will guide you through the final steps.


What to Carry with You

Don’t leave everything with your movers! Here are the essentials to have on your person during your international move:

  • Essentials documents
  • Customs paperwork
  • Cash in both current and future currencies.
  • A blanket
  • Valuables
  • Phone and charger
  • Tablets or laptops and chargers
  • Overnight bag
  • Medications
  • Food for your pet(s)
  • Toys for your children
  • Snacks
  • Headphones
  • Earplugs
  • Gum

Last Checks Before Departure

Before you leave, make sure you have everything in order. Complete these last checks.

  • Review your moving checklist
  • Walk through your home
  • Review flight and move details

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