Deciding On a New Neighborhood

If you are moving to a new city, you may find yourself "neighborhood shopping" as you decide what your next step will be. Here at Atlas Transfer & Storage Company we thoroughly understand that this is an important process and want to give you a few tips to help you through the process.


You may want to consider the location of the neighborhood in relation to activities you enjoy and errands you run on a regular basis. If you like to be able to run your errands in a timely manner, then be sure to look for a neighborhood in close vicinity of a commercial zone. Do you like to shop at a particular store or go to a certain type of gym? If so, that is something you should keep in mind. Do you have children? What are the age groups of the other children in the neighborhood? Drive by during the day hours and see who is outside and what the "tone" of the neighborhood is like. You should consider the neighborhood’s location in relation to the school. Not only will having venues you need nearby make life easier, you will save time and money if you do not have to drive too far for your day-to-day activities. How close is the new neighborhood to your office?


Affordability of the Neighborhood

You know you need a house or apartment you can afford, but what about the rest? It is vitally important to find the total cost of living in the area that you are planning to move to. Will there be homeowner association dues or fees that you are not paying now? If you are going to have to travel out of the neighborhood to purchase the products you use all the time, you may be frustrated and end up spending more on things like gas, bus or cab fare. If everyone in the neighborhood is keeping their properties updated and in good shape, will you be able to maintain that same expectation if you are upgrading to a more expensive or larger property? Understand the property taxes and which community services are included with your tax bill. Some locations have much higher taxes than others – make sure you understand why and where those dollars are being allocated in the budget. You may find a great savings in property taxes by moving just a short distance away from other properties that have higher tax bills. This is primarily due to schools, libraries or community services within a zone and may or may not have an impact on your affordability. If you don’t have kids, you may not want to pay for a home in a higher priced district where the taxes are higher than a district that is literally 1000 ft away in some cases and the properties are quite similar.

Make a Visit

The best way to know if you are going to like a neighborhood is to visit and see how you feel. If you feel comfortable and confident, you will be comfortable and confident when you live there. Visiting will also allow you to locate the best routes around and allow you to see where the schools, parks and all of the stores that you plan to shop are located. Take a few trips through the same neighborhood to see what changes from time to time. Take notice of the others in the area when you are going from one location to the next. Are there pockets of more desirable neighborhoods throughout the region or are they concentrated together which makes up a group of larger communities in that case. Check to see if access to the new location is easier or harder than what you currently experience and what trade-offs are when considering a new neighborhood.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Atlas Transfer & Storage.


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