Packing And Organizing

Packing and organizing your belongings is, naturally, one of the most important and time-consuming steps in moving. However, by minimizing the belongings you move and organizing them as you pack, you can make the process simpler and faster on both ends of your relocation. 


In order to give yourself time to cull your belongings and organize them appropriately before moving day, you should begin the process at least 8 weeks before the move. 


The goal of packing and organizing is simple: To get your belongings from one location to the other efficiently and to make the process of unpacking less laborious. Here are some tips to help:

  • Separate items into Keep, Sell/Give Away, Recycle, and Throw Away categories. 
  • Get rid of items you have not used in the last year. 
  • Consider selling bulky furniture or items that you can easily replace in your new location. 
  • Have a yard sale for unwanted items. 
  • Donate or repurpose excess clothing – This is a great time to cut back on your wardrobe.
  • Use a portable container, like a PODS container, to store items as you sort through them. 
  • Hire or recruit help for organizing, packing, and storing belongings before your move.