How Big Of A Moving Truck Do I Need?

How Big Of A Moving Truck Do I Need?

Mar 06, 2019

What Size Truck Do You Need for Your Move?

You just found out you have to move. Time to get stressed out, you tell yourself. The anxiety sets in and you start to panic. The last thing you should be worried about?

What size truck you need for your move!

You won’t have to deal with that and many of the other logistical challenges that come with a move with Atlas Allied. Leave that and the other details to an experienced, professional moving company and you’ll start to relax as this is just one of the logistical aspects of moving that Atlas Transfer & Storage will take care, and one less thing you’ll have to deal with.

If questions like what size truck you will need start popping up, call Atlas Allied.

As with any successful project, and moving is a project, it all starts with proper planning. They start the pre-move process by having one of their experienced relocation specialists schedule a meeting at the home of their customer. This meeting centers around everything related to the entire move. An inventory of the belongings within the home is done. Where they are moving to is discussed. When they are moving is noted. How much packing the customer requires is detailed. Other questions are asked, and various factors that impact the move are discussed. Every detail of the move is taken into consideration, from start to finish, and at that point, the Atlas Allied move specialist will come up with a quote on what it will cost.

Atlas Transfer & Storage Moving Process

After the estimate is accepted, Atlas Transfer & Storage will then design a customized moving plan based on the needs and budget of the customer. The plan will address every aspect of the move and leaves the customer in a much more relaxed mental state about moving! This should be an exciting time, and it will be a stress-free process for the customer if they let the professionals handle it.

As far as determining what size truck the move requires, customers can take comfort in the fact that Atlas Allied’s experienced operations team will make that decision. They will look at all of the inventoried furniture and other goods in the home and determine the size based on this information. They have the right experience to ensure that the right size truck will arrive on moving day, and all of the belongings will fit comfortably within the truck on the way to the customer’s new home.

Making sure the correct moving vehicle is chosen for a move is not something most people should worry about when planning a move. By hiring an experienced, professional moving company, they can rest assured the right type and size of moving truck will arrive on moving day. They will then have more time to focus on the important tasks that need to be completed for the move while leaving the logistical details to the moving specialists at Atlas Transfer & Storage.

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