Innovations in Relocation Technology

Innovations in Relocation Technology

May 06, 2015

By Jason Birnbaum

MAJOR SHIFTS, driven by new technology, are dramatically changing the way we work. The mobile revolution has established a new standard of accessibility. Social media has created a world that is more connected than ever before and, for better or for worse, has permeated our professional interactions with customers, suppliers, and colleagues. Cloud computing is making technology faster to deploy, simpler to implement, and more efficient to manage. And big data is shedding light on trends and providing detailed insights that were previously not readily available.

In addition to technology, the change in workforce demographics is perpetuating technology’s growing role in our professional lives. As of 2015, millennials, or Generation Y, are the largest generation in the workforce. This group encompasses individuals who have  never known their professions, let alone the world, without the Internet and mobile devices. As a result, they are demanding more technological tools and solutions than those who came before them.

Overall, there is an anywhere, anytime expectation that technology will bring simplicity, immediacy, and efficiency to our professional lives.

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