Packing the Kitchen, Laundry Room

Family packing cardboard boxes for moving houseOnce you know you’re moving, you can begin packing your kitchen almost immediately by starting with your less-used serving dishes, seasonal items and appliances. Next, tackle your large serving bowls, tablecloths and specialty pots and pans. Keep your everyday dishes for the last week before your move. You may even want to consider buying disposable plates, cups and utensils for those last few nights when everything is packed away.

Use or dispose of all perishable items before moving. You will also need to get rid of cleaning products and other kitchen chemicals. Refer to Your Guide to a Successful Move for a list of items that can not be transported in the moving van. Boxed or canned goods should be packed in small boxes. Dispose of any open packages and wrap glass jars to prevent breakage.

China & Glassware

a young girl wraps white porcelain plates in craft paper for sale in an online store. there are empty plates, mugs, and a box on the table

Wrap all pieces of china and glassware individually. Using several sheets of clean paper, start from the corner, wrapping diagonally and continuously tucking in overlapping edges. A double layer of newsprint serves well as outer wrapping.

  • A generous amount of paper padding and cushioning is required for all china and glassware.
  • Label cartons with room, contents and “FRAGILE – THIS SIDE UP.”


Larger china and glass plates, platters and other flat pieces are excellent as the lowest layer in a dish pack.

  • Place cushioning material in the bottom of a carton. Wrap each piece individually with clean paper, then wrap up to three in a bundle with a double layer of newsprint. Place these bundled items in the carton in a row on edge.
  • Surround each bundle with crushed paper, being careful to leave no voids or unfilled spaces. Add two or three inches of wadded paper on top of the bundle to protect rims and make a level base for the next tier. Horizontal cardboard dividers can be helpful in keeping layers level.
  • Smaller plates, saucers and shallow bowls could make up a second layer. Wrap and pack in the same way as larger items.