The Next Generation: Millennials

The Next Generation: Millennials

May 21, 2015

Once upon a time, relocating employees fit one of two molds. They were either an experienced employee moving up in the company or they were a new hire.

The new hires did not receive much assistance to be moved (a buck and a truck).

The new generation entering the workforce, at a higher rate than any other time are called Millennials. Millennials were born between 1980 and 2000, are mostly single and renters, and are highly skilled and tech savvy. 60% of new jobs will require skills held by only 20% of the population, therefore recruiting and retaining this particular generation will be increasingly more important.

While Millennials are very open to relocation, cutting them a check and simply sending them on their way is not enough. They require support and they want control over their move. Employers are recognizing the need for alternative solutions that provide these Millennials with the support they desire, as well as greater flexibility with the relocation process.

Since technology dominates every aspect of a Millennial’s life, it makes sense that they are looking for technology to be a part of their relocation. Most Millennials prefer to text or email versus talk on the phone or have face-to-face conversations. They want to be able to search for help at the touch of a button, at all hours of the day, and want instantaneous results.

To address this desire for technology, real-time assistance, and based on feedback SIRVA received from both our transferring employees and our clients, we created Lump Sum Xpress. This is an online and mobile tool that equips the employee with our vetted supply chain and other resources to support every stage of a relocation, 24/7. Xpress also provides the lump sum benefit on a pre-loaded, declining-balance credit card. This enables relocating employees to use their benefit at point-of-purchase and manage their benefit account inside the Xpress site.

One of the offerings that Millennials will find on the Xpress site is a DIY-type of moving and storage solution offered by SIRVA called SMARTBOX®. The demographics and behavioral tendencies of Millennials lends itself to more of a DIY type of option simply because this generation is young and has not accumulated a house full of belongings, and again, wants control over their move. SMARTBOX is a container solution that combines the best benefits of a DIY option with the professional, licensed drivers of a full service move. A weatherproof container is delivered right to the relocating employee’s residence and they pack at their own pace with total control of how their belongings are packed and organized. When ready, SMARTBOX will come back and pick-up the container(s) and either deliver to the new location or put into storage. Imagine greater flexibility and convenient door-to-door delivery without the risk on your mobility program since SMARTBOX does the driving! And relocating employees can even take advantage of a special discount for this solution on the Xpress site. Like all generations, the Millennial generation is different from those before it. SIRVA recognizes this and is proud to offer forward-thinking solutions to meet their needs.

For more information visit The Knowledge Center to see the SIRVA University presentation on Millennials and DIY Relocation Solutions.

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