Tips for Moving Out of State

Tips for Moving Out of State

Mar 18, 2021

Have you secured a new job and need to relocate? Maybe you want to be closer to your extended family by moving to another part of the country. No matter the reason, following these tips for moving out of state can make the process easier. The long-distance moving experts at Atlas Transfer & Storage Co. have compiled the perfect “how-to-guide” to make your national or international move a success.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Visit your new area. Get to know your new neighborhood and city. With a quick visit, you’ll have a first-hand look at your new town and will know where to go once you arrive.
  • Research your new community. From the school district to the public transportation offered, you’ll want to know what characteristics make up the area. Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll want to look at comparable schools, as it can have a notable effect on home values. You can also learn out about available arts and entertainment, restaurants, recreation areas and more.

Additional tips to move with success:

  • Plan early. There is nothing worse then last-minute confusion and concern. Change your mailing address, and transfer utilities, subscriptions, and other records. If you’re moving away from friends, make sure to take time to see them before you leave.
  • Budget accordingly. The costs associated with relocating can add up if you’re not careful. Prepare your budget in advance, planning for expected and unexpected costs leaving your current residence and arriving at your new home.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Out of State?

It will likely be a big decision deciding whether or not to hire a moving company. Do-it-yourself or “DIY” moving can be a cheaper option, but not always. The effort required to move on your own is always much more strenuous.

An Atlas Transfer & Storage Co. cost comparison recently reviewed the cost of a 3-bedroom (10,000 pound) move from San Diego, California to Boise, Idaho. A full service move totaled $8,931, while a DIY relocation cost $7,966. While the cost was less, the comparison found that the DIY move had some major disadvantages.

  • 7 days of required vacation time/personal time vs. 3 days with a mover.
  • $600 (3 people) needed for labor vs. included cost with a mover.
  • Risk and responsibility of driving a moving truck vs. included cost with a mover.

People who moved on their own paid the ultimate price by having a negative experience. Four out of five people who performed a DIY move said they would not do it again.

State to State Moving Companies

If you’ve made the decision to hire a mover, you’ll want to make sure they can meet your needs. Selecting a state to state moving company is vital to keeping your moving plan intact. Choose a mover that is reputable, offers competitive pricing and is part of a larger network. Atlas Transfer & Storage Co. is the perfect example. In addition to having numerous positive client reviews and being affordable, Atlas is an Allied Van Lines agent. At Atlas, we connect with other network companies around the world to help you complete your move, even after your thousands of miles away from where you departed.

How to Pack for Out of State Move

Once you’ve selected a moving company, it’s time to organize your things. Just like your budget, it’s best to create a packing plan that you can customize and check off as you go.

A few tips for developing your packing plan:

  • Take only what you need. Look through your possessions and donate or throw away unwanted items.
  • Focus on one room at a time. Complete your packing plan by room, with an emphasis on items you can easily pack. Leave large or specialized items for the professionals.
  • Purchase supplies. Determine what you need to pack. Boxes, tape, labels, wrapping materials, dividers for wine glasses, and cartons for dishes and glasses are just a few supplies you might need. As an added convenience, your mover can supply you with these items.
  • Go slow. Make a note to take your time with packing. Remember to drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks to avoid overexertion.

Get Help from Professional Movers

Save yourself time and energy by hiring a professional mover to handle your out of state relocation. Since 1925, the professionals at Atlas Transfer & Storage Co. have been assisting families, making it easy for them to move to new homes. Contact us today for a free moving quote and find out more information about our services by calling 1-858-513-3800.

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